Chronological List of Films


PremiereTitleDirector Availability
PremiereTitle Director Availability
1888Accordion PlayerLe Prince, Louis Aimé AugustinYouTube
1888Brighton Street SceneFriese-Greene, WilliamLost
1888/10Roundhay Garden SceneLe Prince, Louis Aimé AugustinYouTube
1888/10Traffic Crossing Leeds BridgeLe Prince, Louis Aimé AugustinYouTube
1889Hyde Park CornerFriese-Greene, WilliamLost
1889Leisurely Pedestrians, Open Topped Buses and Hansom Cabs with Trotting HorsesFriese-Greene, WilliamA still exists
1890London's Trafalgar SquareCrofts, William Carr/Donisthorp, WordsworthYouTube
1890Monkeyshines, No. 1Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1890Monkeyshines, No. 2Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamYouTube
1890Monkeyshines, No. 3Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamPrint held at Edison National Historic Site
1890MosquinhaMarey, Étienne-JulesYouTube
1891Dickson GreetingDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1891Je vous aimeDemenÿ, GeorgesStream
1891Two FencersMarey, Étienne-JulesYouTube
1891Vague, LaMarey, Étienne-JulesYouTube
1891/05Duncan and Another, Blacksmith ShopDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamLost
1891/05Duncan or Devonald with Muslin CloudDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamLost
1891/05Duncan SmokingDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamPrint held at Edison National Historic Site
1891/05Men BoxingDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1891/05Monkey and Another, BoxingDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamLost
1891/05Newark Athlete (with Indian Clubs)Dickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1892BoxingDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamStills exist
1892FencingDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamYouTube
1892Hand-Shake, ADickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamYouTube (stills)
1892Man on Parallel BarsDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamLost
1892WrestlingDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamStills exist
1892/10/28Bon bok, UnReynaud, ÉmileLost
1892/10/28Clown et ses chiens, LeReynaud, ÉmileLost
1892/10/28Pauvre PierrotReynaud, ÉmileYouTube
1893/05/09Blacksmithing Scene (Blacksmiths)Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1893/05/09Horse ShoeingDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamA still exists (Edison Motion Pictures 1890-1900)
1894Annabelle Butterfly DanceDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Annabelle Serpentine DanceDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1894Annabelle Sun DanceDickson, William K.L.YouTube
1894Annie OakleyDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Athlete with WandDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Babies in High ChairsDickson, William K.L.Print held in Library of Congress National Archive
1894Band DrillDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Barbershop, TheDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1894Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's), TheDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Bucking BronchoDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Buffalo DanceDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Caicedo (with Pole)Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894CarmencitaDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Cock Fight, no.2Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1894Corbett and Courtney Before the KinetographDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Dickson Experimental Sound FilmDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a SneezeDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Falling CatMarey, Étienne-JulesYouTube
1894Fire Rescue SceneDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Fred Ott Holding a BirdDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamPrint held by UCLA Film & Television Archive
1894Glenroy Bros., No. 2Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Glenroy Brothers (Comic Boxing)Dickson, William K. L.Movies Begin, The Vol. 1
1894Hadj CheriffDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Hornbacker-Murphy Fight, TheDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Imperial Japanese DanceDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Leonard-Cushing FightDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1894Luis Martinetti, ContortionistDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Pickaninny Dance, from the 'Passing Show’, TheDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1894Robetta and Doretto, [no. 2] (Chinese Laundry Scene)Dickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Sioux Ghost DanceDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1894Souvenir Strip of the Edison Kinetoscope (Sandow, No. 1)Dickson, William K. L.Movies Begin, The Vol. 1
1894/03Cock Fight, TheDickson, William K.L./Heise, WilliamLost
1894/11Elsie Jones, No. 1Dickson, William K.L.Lost
1894/12Autour d'une cabineReynaud, ÉmileYouTube
1895Annabelle Serpentine DanceDickson, William K. L./Heise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1895Barber Shop (New Barber's Shop)Dickson, William K.L.Print held at the British Film Institute
1895Billy Edwards and the UnknownDickson, William K. L.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1895Clovelly Cottage, Barnet (Incident at Clovelly Cottage)Acres, BirtFragments held in Kodak Collection at Bradford
1895Crude Set Drama (Untitled Kinetoscope Comedy)Acres, BirtYouTube
1895Derby, ThePaul, Robert W.YouTube
1895James Grundy, Buck and WingDickson, William K.L.YouTube
1895New Blacksmith ShopDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1895Opening of the Kiel CanalAcres, BirtStream (UK only)
1895Performing Animals; or, Skipping DogsAcres, BirtYouTube
1895Princess AliHeise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1895RingkämpferSkladanowsky, Emil/Skladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895Tom Merry, Lightning CartoonistAcres, BirtStream (UK only)
1895/01/21In the Dentist's Chair (Dental Scene)Dickson, William K.L.A still exists (Edison Motion Pictures 1890-1900)
1895/05Arrest of a Bookmaker, The (Footpads)Paul, Robert W.YouTube
1895/05Arrest of a Pickpocket, TheAcres, BirtYouTube
1895/05/20Young Griffo v. Battling Charles BarnettLatham, OtwayLost
1895/06/10Arroseur et arrosé, [I]Lumière, LouisYouTube
1895/06/10Peche aux poissons rouges (Fishing for Goldfish)Lumière, LouisYouTube
1895/06/10Place des Cordeliers (Cordeliers' Square in Lyon)Lumière, LouisYouTube
1895/06/10Repas de bébé, Le (Baby's Dinner)Lumière, LouisYouTube
1895/06/10Sortie d'usine, [I] (Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory)Lumière, LouisYouTube
1895/06/10Voltige (Trick Riding)Lumière, LouisYouTube
1895/06/12Saut à la couverture, Le (Jumping the Blanket)Lumière, LouisYouTube
1895/08Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, TheClark, AlfredEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1895/09Bain d'une Mondaine, LeJoly, HenriLost
1895/09Cyclone DanceClark, AlfredLost
1895/09Fan Dance (Spanish dance)Clark, AlfredLost
1895/09/21Baignade en mer (The Sea)Lumière, LouisMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1895/10Forgerons (Blacksmith Scene)Lumière, LouisDiscovering Cinema: Movies Dream in Color
1895/11/01Akrobatisches PotpourriSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/11/01ApotheoseSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/11/01Boxende Känguruh, DasSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/11/01Italienischer BauerntanzSkladanowsky, Emil/Skladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/11/01Jongleur, DerSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/11/01KamarinskajaSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/11/01Komisches ReckSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/11/01Serpentintänzerin, DieSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1895/12/28Débarquement du congrès des photographes à Lyon, LeLumière, LouisYouTube
1895/12/28DiscussionLumière, LouisPrint held by CNC
1896Amy MullerHeise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Andalusian DanceShort, HenryYouTube
1896Arrivée d'un train[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896Arrivée d'un train gare de VincennesMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Arroseur et arrosé, [II] UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896Arroseur et arrosé, [III] UnknownYouTube
1896Arroseur, L' (Watering the Flowers)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896Au bon marchais[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896August-Brücke UnknownYouTube
1896Baigneurs en Seine à Paris UnknownYouTube
1896Ballet sur scène avec orchestre UnknownYouTube
1896Barbier fin de siècle, Le (The Turn-of-the-Century Barber) UnknownCrazy Cinématographe: Europäisches Jahrmarktkino Disc 1
1896Bivouac, LeMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Blackfriars BridgePaul, Robert W.YouTube
1896Blanchisseuses, LesMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Bonne farce, Une (The Rag Picker)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896Brighton Beach UnknownYouTube
1896Burning Stable, TheWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Butterfly DanceHeise, WilliamMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896Carabiniers UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896Cauchemar, Le (A Nightmare)Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema Disc 1
1896Clowns 1, Les[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896Clowns 2, Les[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896Comic Costume RacePaul, Robert W.YouTube
1896Cortège de tzar allant à Versailles (The Czar and His Cortege Going to Versailles)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896Cortège de tzar au Bois de Boulogne (The Czar's Cortege in the Bois de Boulogne)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896Cortejo Eucarístico Saindo da Sé do Porto no Aniversário da Sagração do Eminentíssimo Cardeal Américoda Paz dos Reis, AurélioSurvival Status Unknown
1896Course de taureaux[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896Cuirassiers à cheval UnknownYouTube
1896Danse serpentineMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Défense d’afficher (Post No Bills)Méliès, GeorgesYouTube
1896Défilé de cuirassiers UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896Défilé de troupes[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896Desfile de bienvenida UnknownYouTube
1896Dessinateur: ChamberlainMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Distribution des vivres aux soldatsPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896Dix chapeaux en 60 secondes (Conjurer Making Ten Hats in Sixty Seconds)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896Edison Drawn by 'World' ArtistWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Escamotage d'une dame au théâtre Robert Houdin (The Conjuring of a Woman at the House of Robert Houdin)Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema Disc 1
1896Fatima's Coochee-Coochee DanceWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Fée aux choux, LaGuy, AliceSurvival Status Unknown
1896Feira de Gado na Corujeirada Paz dos Reis, AurélioYouTube
1896Finto storpio, IlPacchioni, ItaloYouTube
1896Going to the FireWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Hyde Park Bicycling ScenePaul, Robert W.YouTube
1896Hyde Park Corner UnknownYouTube
1896Interrupted LoverHeise, WilliamEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Jetée et plage de Trouville (2e partie) (Beach and Pier at Trouville, 2nd part)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896Jeux d'enfants dans une rue UnknownYouTube
1896Jongleurs javanais[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896Joutes, Les UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896Jury de peinture[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896Kiss, TheHeise, WilliamMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896Komische Begegnung im Tiergarten zu StockholmSkladanowsky, MaxYouTube
1896Lone FishermanWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Mademoiselle Zambelli de l’opéraNadar, PaulYouTube
1896Manoir du diable, Le (The House of the Devil)Méliès, GeorgesYouTube
1896Mess CallWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Nuit terrible, Une (A Terrible Night)Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema Disc 1
1896On Westminster BridgePaul, Robert W.YouTube
1896Panorama pris depuis une plate-forme mobile UnknownYouTube
1896Partie de cartes, UneMéliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema Disc 1
1896Pâtissier, petit bleu et ramoneur (Le Pâtissier et le télégraphiste)Pirou, EugèneYouTube
1896Petit diable, UnMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Place de la Comédie UnknownYouTube
1896Place de la ConcordeMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Pont-Neuf, Le UnknownYouTube
1896Premiers pas de bébé (vers le jouet) UnknownYouTube
1896Repas en famille[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896Rome : Pont Ripetta UnknownYouTube
1896Royal TrainPaul, Robert W.YouTube
1896SandowDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896Saut à la couverte UnknownYouTube
1896Scenes at Balmoral UnknownYouTube
1896Séance de prestidigitation (Conjuring)Méliès, GeorgesYouTube (fragment of chromolithographed version)
1896Serpentine Dance by AnnabelleDickson, William K. L.Movies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896Sortie des chevauxSestier, MariusYouTube
1896Taberna bretona UnknownYouTube
1896Train avec impériale UnknownYouTube
1896Tribulations d'un concierge, LesMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Up the River UnknownYouTube
1896Victorian Lady in Her Boudoir, ACollings, EsmeYouTube
1896Voiture du potier, LaMéliès, GeorgesLost
1896Voltige UnknownYouTube
1896Voyage dans un trainPathé, CharlesYouTube
1896Water toboggan (montagnes russes sur l’eau) UnknownYouTube
1896Watermelon ContestWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896Yarmouth: Fishing Boats Leaving HarbourAcres, BirtStream
1896/01Boxing Kangaroo, TheAcres, BirtYouTube
1896/01Boxing Match; or, Glove ContestAcres, BirtPrint exists in the National Fairground Archive
1896/01/14Rough Sea at DoverAcres, BirtYouTube
1896/01/25Arrivée d’un train à La Ciotat[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/01/26PhotographeLumière, LouisMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/02/20Assiettes tournantes[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/02/20Partie d’écartéLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/02/23Chapeaux à transformations (Transformation By Hats)Lumière, LouisMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/03Little Egypt UnknownYouTube
1896/03/06Démolition d’un mur, I[Louis Lumière]YouTube
1896/03/06Démolition d’un mur, II[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/03/07Querelle enfantine (Childish Quarrel)Lumière, LouisMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/03/08Abattage d’un arbre[Lumière, Louis]Print held by CNC
1896/03/08Embarquement des filets de pêche UnknownYouTube
1896/03/11Herald SquareWhite, James H.YouTube
1896/03/22AquariumLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/03/22Ateliers de la Ciotat[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/03/23Arrivée d’un train à PerracheLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/03/2996me de ligne en marche UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/04/05Bassin des Tuileries UnknownYouTube
1896/04/05Cygnes UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/04/13Partie de tric-tracLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/04/18Charcuterie mécanique (The Mechanical Butcher)Lumière, LouisYouTube
1896/04/18Concert[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/04/18Lancement d’un navire (Launching of a Ship)[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/04/18Partie de boules[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/04/19Chaudière (Loading a Boiler)[Lumière, Louis]Movies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/04/21Arrivée en voiture, L'Lumière, LouisYouTube
1896/04/23Champs-ElyséesLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/04/25Départ en voitureLumière, LouisStream
1896/04/25Pêche aux sardines UnknownYouTube
1896/04/26Maréchal-ferrantLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/05Sauvetage en rivière, 1er (Rescue on the River, Pt. 1)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896/05Sauvetage en rivière, 2e (Rescue on the River, Pt. 2)Méliès, GeorgesLost
1896/05Soldier's Courtship, TheMoul, AlfredYouTube
1896/05/03Abreuvoir (The Horse Trough) UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/05/03Scaphandrier UnknownYouTube
1896/05/10Entrée du cinématographe[Moisson, Charles]YouTube
1896/05/10Geant et nain UnknownYouTube
1896/05/10Recréation à la Martinière UnknownYouTube
1896/05/15Barque en mer[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/05/17Arrivée d'un bateau à vapeur[Moisson, Charles]YouTube
1896/05/17Boxeurs UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/05/17Danseuses des rues (London Street Dancers) UnknownYouTube
1896/05/23Arrivée de l’expressMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1896/05/24Cyclistes et cavaliers arrivant au cottage[Moisson, Charles]YouTube
1896/05/24Retour d'une promenade en mer[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/05/31Alerte de pompiers UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/05/31Balançoires UnknownYouTube
1896/05/31Concours de boules UnknownYouTube
1896/06Chirgwin in His Humorous Business (Chirgwin the White-Eyed Kaffir) UnknownYouTube
1896/06/07Cuirassiers : boute-selle UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/06/07Cuirassiers : en fourrageurs (charge) UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/06/07Cuirassiers : mêlée (longueur : 12 mètres) UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/06/14Cascade[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/06/14Cortège arabe (Arab Cortege, Geneva)[Promio, Alexandre]Movies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/06/14Cuirassiers : départ UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/06/14Place BellecourLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/06/14Voitures automobilesClément-MauriceYouTube
1896/06/21Bataille de femmes (deux femmes seulement)Mesguich, FélixYouTube
1896/06/21Place Bel-Air[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/06/21Pont suspenduMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/06/24Amiral Sallandrouze et général TournierMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1896/06/24Comte de Montebello et général de Boisdeffre se rendant au KremlinMoisson, CharlesYouTube (fragment)
1896/06/24Comtesse de MontebelloMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1896/06/27Laveuses (Washing Day in Switzerland)[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/06/28Cortège de la CouronneMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/06/28Députations asiatiquesMoisson, CharlesYouTube (fragment)
1896/06/28Entrée du cinématographeMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/06/28Impératrice mère et la grande-duchesse Eugénie en carrosse, L'[Doublier, Francis]YouTube (fragment)
1896/06/28Nègres dansant dans la rue[Moisson, Charles]YouTube
1896/06/29Shooting the Chutes UnknownEdison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896/06/30Danse au bivouacPromio. AlexandreYouTube
1896/06/30Défilé du géniePromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/07Passaic Falls, New Jersey (Paterson Falls)White, James H.YouTube
1896/07/02Champs-Elysées (voitures) UnknownYouTube
1896/07/02Lanciers de la reine, chargePromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/07/02Puerta del SolPromio, AlexandreYouTube
1896/07/04Artillerie (exercice du tir)Promio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/07/04Hallebardiers de la ReinePromio, AlexandreYouTube
1896/07/04Lanciers de la reine, défiléPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/07/05Cavalcade (guerriers romains et abyssins) UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/07/05Cortège du sceptre royalMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1896/07/05Cyclistes militairesPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/07/05Rentrée à l'étable[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/07/05Tsar et tsarine entrant dans l’église de l’Assomption[Doublier, Francis]YouTube (fragment)
1896/07/09Danse russe UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/07/10Déchargement d’un navire[Promio, Alexandre]Stream
1896/07/10Garde descendante du palais royalPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/07/10Sortie d'usine, [II] (Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory)[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/07/12Baignade de nègres UnknownYouTube
1896/07/12Bains de Diane (Baths at Milan, Italy)Filippi, GiuseppeYouTube
1896/07/12Cavalcade (char du soleil) UnknownYouTube
1896/07/12Chargement du coke UnknownYouTube
1896/07/12Défournage du coke (Carmaux: Drawing Out the Coke) UnknownYouTube
1896/07/12Ring, LeMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/07/12Rue Alsace-Lorraine UnknownYouTube
1896/07/15Arrivée des toréadorsPromio, AlexandreYouTube
1896/07/19Autruches (Promenade of Ostriches, Paris Botanical Gardens) UnknownMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/07/19Souverains et les Invités se rendant au sacre (escalier rouge), LesMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/07/24Départ de cyclistes[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/08Ferryboat Leaving Dock, New York (Steamer "Rosedale")Heise, WilliamSurvival Status Unknown
1896/08Twins' Tea Party, ThePaul, Robert W.YouTube
1896/08Two AM or, The Husband's Return UnknownYouTube
1896/08/02Arrivée en gondoleMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1896/08/02Concours de bébés UnknownYouTube
1896/08/02Pigeons sur la place Saint-MarcMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/08/0475 secondes en chemin de ferNormandin, ErnestLost
1896/08/04Arrivée du train en gare d’Asnières, L'[Normandin, Ernest]Stream
1896/08/04Dîner de famille, Un[Normandin, Ernest]Lost
1896/08/04Enfants au bois (Enfants jouant au Bois de Vincennes)[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896/08/04Jardin d'acclimatation à Paris (Une caravane au jardin d’acclimatation)Normandin, ErnestYouTube
1896/08/04Jardinier ou l’Arroseur arrosé, Le (Le Jardinier)Normandin, ErnestA still exists
1896/08/04Sortie de l'église Notre-Dame-des-VictoiresNormandin, ErnestA still exists
1896/08/09Lion (Lion, London Zoological Gardens)[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/08/09Lutteurs javanais[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/08/09Rue TverskaïaMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/08/14Danse javanaise[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/08/15Tigres[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/08/16Cortège des anciens Germains UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/08/16Débarquement UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/08/16Pont de Westminster UnknownYouTube
1896/08/23Dragons traversant la Saône à la nage (Dragoons Crossing the Sâone) UnknownMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/08/23Piccadilly Circus[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/08/23Scène d'enfants[Lumière, Louis]Print held by CNC
1896/08/23Vieux quartier à l'Exposition UnknownYouTube
1896/08/27Président en promenade, LeVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/08/29Fête au village[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/08/30Écriture à l’envers[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/08/30Pélicans[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/08/30Pont de la Tour[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/08/30Porte de TolèdePromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/09American Falls, Goat Island UnknownPrint held in Library of Congress Paper Print Collection
1896/09American Falls, Luna Island UnknownPrint held in Library of Congress Paper Print Collection
1896/09Awakening of RipDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/09Blackton Sketches, No. 3Heise, WilliamSurvival Status Unknown
1896/09Rip Leaving Sleepy HollowDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/09Rip Meeting the DwarfDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/09Rip Passing Over the MountainDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/09Rip's ToastDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/09Rip's Toast to HudsonDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/09Rip's Twenty Years' SleepDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/09Sawing WoodDickson, William K.L.Survival Status Unknown
1896/09Trilby and Little Billee UnknownSurvival Status Unknown
1896/09William McKinley at Canton, Ohio UnknownLandmarks of Early Film Vol.1
1896/09/06Danse sur scène (pas de deux) UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/09/06Panoptikum–Friedrichstrasse UnknownYouTube
1896/09/06Premiers pas de bébé[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/09/12Lyon : débarquement d'une mouche UnknownYouTube
1896/09/13Berlin: Hallesches Thor UnknownYouTube
1896/09/13Embarquement d'un cheval UnknownYouTube
1896/09/13Repas d'IndiensVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/09/20Coiffures UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/09/24Assaut de boxe entre deux champions de Joinville[Joly, Henri]Stream
1896/09/26Danse égyptienne[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/09/27Tramway sur le Grand Canal (Gondola Party)Moisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/10/01Place de DômeMoisson, CharlesYouTube
1896/10/04Enfants jouant aux billes (Children Playing Marbles) UnknownYouTube
1896/10/04II. Inauguration (longueur : 8 mètres)Girel, ConstantYouTube
1896/10/04Repas des chats[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/10/04Sortie d'usine, [III] (Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory)[Lumière, Louis]YouTube
1896/10/05Cortège au mariage de la princesse Maud[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/10/07Embarquement UnknownYouTube
1896/10/09Débarquement du Major-Davel[Joly, Henri]Stream
1896/10/11Cherbourg : débarquement des souverains russesGirel, ConstantPrint held by CNC
1896/10/11Cherbourg: Entrée des Souverains russes et du président de la République sous le hallGirel, ConstantYouTube
1896/10/11Cortège impérial du TzarNormandin, ErnestYouTube
1896/10/11Paris : chasseurs à cheval et spahis de l’escorte[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/10/11Paris : les souverains russes et le président de la République aux Champs-Élysées[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/10/12Empire State Express, TheDickson, William K. L.YouTube
1896/10/14Arrestation d'un ivrogne, L'Pirou, EugèneYouTube
1896/10/15Défilé du 8ème bataillonGirel, ConstantYouTube
1896/10/17Bataillon 8 à la caserne de la Pontaise, La[Normandin, Ernest]YouTube
1896/10/17Paris : dragons de l’escorte[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/10/17Paris : Général Saussier et son état-major[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/10/18Danse tyrolienneGirel, ConstantYouTube
1896/10/18Joueurs de cartes arrosés UnknownYouTube
1896/10/18Turcos (défilé)[Promio, Alexandre]Print held by CNC
1896/10/23Entrée du tsar â Paris[Normandin, Ernest]Lost
1896/10/23Feeding the DovesWhite, James H.Movies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/10/25Course en sacsLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/10/25Labourage UnknownYouTube
1896/10/25Panorama pris d'un bateauGirel, ConstantYouTube
1896/10/25Pompiers : sortie de la pompe UnknownYouTube
1896/10/29Foule sur la place de l’Opéra, La[Promio, Alexandre]YouTube
1896/10/29Sea Cave Near Lisbon, AShort, HenryYouTube
1896/10/31Morning Bath, AWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896/10/31Sortie de l'église UnknownYouTube
1896/11Coucher de la mariéeKirchner, AlbertYouTube
1896/11/01Chûtes du Rhin vues de loinGirel, ConstantYouTube
1896/11/01Pompiers : attaque du feu UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/11/02Mounted Police ChargeWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896/11/08Lyon : quai de l’Archevêché UnknownYouTube
1896/11/08Lyon : sauvetage de lapins UnknownYouTube
1896/11/08Panorama de l’arrivée en gare de Perrache pris du train UnknownYouTube
1896/11/08Ruraux au galopVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/11/12Baignade de chevauxVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/11/12Cavalier sur un cheval rétifVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/11/12Danse mexicaineVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/11/12Lassage d'un cheval sauvageVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/11/12Lassage des bœufs pour la labourVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/11/12Saída do Pessoal Operário da Fábrica Confiançada Paz dos Reis, AurélioYouTube
1896/11/14Pont de bateauxGirel, ConstantYouTube
1896/11/14Scieurs de boisGirel, ConstantYouTube
1896/11/15Arc de triomphe UnknownYouTube
1896/11/15Basse-cour (Poultry-Yard) UnknownMovies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/11/15Cortège de cavaliers UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/11/19Arrivée du gouverneurSestier, MariusPrint held by CNC
1896/11/20Canebière, LaLumière, LouisYouTube
1896/11/20Enfants pêchant des crevettes (Children Digging for Clams)[Promio, Alexandre]Movies Begin, The Vol. 1
1896/11/20Maximilianeum UnknownYouTube
1896/11/22Marché aux poissons UnknownYouTube
1896/11/24Arrivée d’un train à Melbourne (Australie)Sestier, MariusPrint held by CNC
1896/11/24Course, LaSestier, MariusPrint held by CNC
1896/11/24Enceinte du pesageSestier, MariusPrint held by CNC
1896/11/24Foule, La (The Lawn Near the Bandstand)Sestier, MariusPrint held by CNC
1896/11/24Présentation du vainqueurSestier, MariusYouTube
1896/11/27Morning Alarm, AWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896/11/27Transport de la cloche de l'IndépendanceVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/11/28No Jardimda Paz dos Reis, AurélioYouTube
1896/11/29Cours Belsunce UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/12Black Diamond ExpressWhite, James H.YouTube
1896/12Why Papa Cannot Sleep UnknownYouTube
1896/12/04Déchargement de grains UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/12/05Tsar au Panthéon, Le[Normandin, Ernest]YouTube
1896/12/05Tsar aux Champs-Élyssées, Le[Normandin, Ernest]Lost
1896/12/06Combat de coqsVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/12/06Défilé de jeunes filles au lycéeVeyre, GabrielYouTube
1896/12/12American Falls from Above, American SideWhite, James H.Edison: Invention of the Movies Disc 1
1896/12/12Cocher et son client, Un[Normandin, Ernest]A still exists
1896/12/13Bal d'enfants UnknownYouTube
1896/12/13Panorama du Grand Canal pris d’un bateauPromio, AlexandreYouTube
1896/12/13Prestidigiteur, LePirou, EugèneYouTube
1896/12/13Soupe à la caserne, LaPirou, EugèneYouTube
1896/12/16BroadwayPromio, AlexandreYouTube
1896/12/16Broadway et Reade StreetPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/16Broadway et Wall StreetPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/16Commercial StreetPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/16Cortège au mariage du prince de NaplesMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1896/12/16Fulton StreetPromio, AlexandreYouTube
1896/12/16Michigan AvenuePromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/16Tremont RowPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/20Roi et la Reine d'Italie[Girel, Constant]YouTube
1896/12/25ÂnesPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/25Chutes, Les (Niagara Falls)Promio, AlexandreMovies Begin, The Vol. 2
1896/12/25Prière du muezzinPromio, AlexandreYouTube
1896/12/25Rapides, LesPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/25Rue MascaraPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1896/12/30Bal espagnol dans la rueVeyre, GabrielPrint held by CNC
1896/12/30Cortège sur le Schlossplatz UnknownPrint held by CNC
1896/12/30MétropolitainPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1897[Débarquement d'une barque]Promio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
189710 Mai 1897: DefilareaMenu, PaulYouTube
189727e chasseurs alpins : exercice du bâton UnknownPrint held by CNC
189799e régiment d’infanterie : bâton UnknownPrint held by CNC
189799e régiment d’infanterie : duel à l’épée UnknownPrint held by CNC
189799e régiment d’infanterie : sauts en longueur UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Alter Marktplatz UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Altona : pose de la première pierre du monument de Guillaume Ier, par le général comte de Waldersee UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Après le bal (After the Ball, the Bath)Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema Disc 1
1897Arrivée à l’exposition en bateauPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1897Arrivée de l’ “Élan”Moisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1897Arrivée de M. le président à Sainte-MarieMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1897Arrivée de train UnknownYouTube
1897Arrivée du kronprinz à l’expositionPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1897Arrivée du train de RamlehPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1897Arrivée en voiture à la gareMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1897Artillerie : galop et mise en batterie UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Au réfectoire UnknownYouTube
1897Auberge ensorcelée, L' (The Bewitched Inn)Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema Disc 1
1897Automobiles fleuries UnknownYouTube
1897Avenue des Champs-ElyséesParnaland, Ambroise-FrançoisYouTube
1897Baignade dans le torrentGuy, AliceGaumont Treasures: Alice Guy
1897Baigneurs et Plongeurs UnknownYouTube
1897Ballet libellaGuy, AliceYouTube
1897Bataille de neige UnknownYouTube
1897Belle et la bête, La (Beauty and the Beast) UnknownSurvival Status Unknown
1897Bois de Boulogne UnknownYouTube
1897Bonne d'enfants et militaireParnaland, Ambroise-FrançoisYouTube
1897Bonne histoire, Une UnknownYouTube
1897Boulevard AnspachPromio, AlexandreYouTube
1897Bruleuses d’herbes UnknownYouTube
1897Butterfly Dance UnknownYouTube
1897Caped Mounted Riflemen Passing St. Paul'sPaul, Robert W.YouTube
1897Château hanté, Le (The Devil's Castle)Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema Disc 1
1897Chez le magnétiseurGuy, AliceGaumont Treasures: Alice Guy
1897Chien et l’Arroseur, Le UnknownYouTube
1897Chiens : défilé de meutes UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Combat naval en Grèce (Naval Combat in Greece)Méliès, GeorgesYouTube
1897Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight, TheRector, Enoch J.YouTube
1897Corso cycliste UnknownYouTube
1897Cuirassé américain “San Francisco” en rade de Villefranche (panorama) UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Danse bohémienne UnknownYouTube
1897Danse écossaise (du trio Natta) UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Danse fleur de lotusGuy, AliceYouTube
1897Danse saltarello romano UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Débarquement de M. le président au CarnetMoisson, CharlesPrint held by CNC
1897Déchargement dans un portGirel, ConstantPrint held by CNC
1897Déchargement de wagonnets UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Défilé de l’artillerie turquePromio, AlexandreYouTube
1897Défilé de la garde républicaine à cheval UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Départ de BenhaPromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1897Départ de cyclistes à Rome UnknownPrint held by CNC
1897Départ du CairePromio, AlexandrePrint held by CNC
1897Dernières cartouches, Les (The Last Cartridges)Méliès, GeorgesYouTube
1897Dewars Scotch Whiskey UnknownMovies Begin, The Vol. 3
1897Douche après le bain[Lumière, Louis]YouTube